Community Covenant

Pacific School of Religion–students, staff, faculty, and trustees–seeks to inspire a world of compassion, justice, and abundance where all can thrive and flourish. To that end the following covenant explores qualities we seek to uphold in our life and work together. Thus, we also affirm these covenental intentions to respect and engage PSR’s existing and evolving practices, as they have been developed to express our institutional values and to foster a safe, healthy, and sustainable community.

We honor and value our diversity as a source of communal strength.

PSR is an interdependent ecosystem of connections–which includes our connections to animals, the land, the environment within which we exist. As an institution of spiritual faith, PSR desires to create a foundation of truth, and love based on our belief that each individual is divinely empowered to create this community of inclusion and affirmation.

We further commit ourselves to doing the difficult work together, engaging strategic discomfort, supported by God’s grace, and living into this reality.

The documentation of this covenant has been updated to provide more opportunity for practice and reflection of these values and principles we commit to uphold for the benefit of ourselves, our many beloved communities, this world, and our relationship to the divine.

Download the Community Covenant here