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Dr. Filipe Maia

Assistant Professor of United Methodist Studies, Leadership, and Theology
Filipe Maia was born and raised in Brazil in a family with deep roots in Methodism. He grew up in what is today the second oldest Methodist church and spent all of his school years in the oldest Methodist school in the country. At the age of 4, he met his wife Juliana and in 2009 they got married in the school where they grew up together. Since then,they have been living in the United States.

Teaching & Research Interests:

Professor Filipe Maia’s research and teaching focus on liberation theologies, the Christian eschatological imagination, theology and economics, and Wesleyan theology. His scholarship pays special attention to the ways in which imaginaries about the future shape politics, economics, cultural patterns, and religious practices. Employing sources ranging from Latin American liberation theology, Marxist philosphy, and contemporary writings on finance, Professor Maia’s publications build a theological critique of the temporality of financial capitalism proposing alternative ways of imagining the future.

Courses Frequently Taught: 

United Methodist History, Doctrine & Polity
God and Capital
Christian Eschatology
Liberation Theologies


“‘With What Can we Compare the Kingdom of God? Latin American Liberation Theology and the Challenge of Political Projects.” Union Seminary Quarterly Review (v. 64, n. 3/3: 2013).

Helmut Renders & Filipe Maia, “Os ‘Pensamentos sobre a Escravidão’ (1774) de John Wesley: introdução e tradução para o português brasileiro.” Caminhando, São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil (v. 18, p. 153-181, 2013). Translation of John Wesley’s Thoughts Upon Slavery (1744).

Joerg Rieger. Graça sob Pressão: negociando o coraçã das tradições metodistas, traduzido por Filipe Maia (São Bernardo do Campo: Editeo, 2012). Translation of: Joerg Rieger, Grace Under Pressure: Negotiating the Heart of the Methodist Traditions (Nashville, TN: Board of Higher Education and Ministry, The United Methodist Church, 2011).

“De-Colonizing Heaven: A De-Colonial Reading of Columbus’ Colonial Soteriology.” Apuntes (v. 31, p. 43-78, 2011).

Academic Credentials:
Doctor of Theology, Harvard Divinity School
Master of Theological Studies, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University
Bachelor of Arts, Theology and Philosophy, Universidade Metodista de São Paulo


Maia, CV Jan 2018

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