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Welcome to Dr. Joung Chul Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Education, and Spiritual Formation

We are excited to welcome Dr. Joung Chul Lee to Pacific School of Religion as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Education, and Spiritual Formation at Pacific School of Religion (PSR) beginning this coming fall.  He comes to PSR as a Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow.

Dr. Lee is a committed educator and theologian whose passion lies in liberation through education. His specialty is philosophical and theological reflection on religious practice and its relation to formation and transformation. His research and teaching interests encompass the subjects of self, identity, faith, and religion. He specializes in theories, histories, and practices of ecumenical and interreligious education; social change and peacebuilding; educational ministry and theology; engaged and decolonized spirituality; and conversations between practical theology and contemporary philosophies. Critical pedagogy, process/poststructuralist thoughts, and interreligious living are central to his study and life.

Dr. Lee completed his Bachelor of Arts in Theology at Yonsei University in South Korea, where he is originally from. He then completed an MDiv at Emory University, a Master of Theology from Princeton Theological Seminary, and his PhD at Claremont School of Theology. In his doctoral dissertation, Theopoetic Education: Interreligious Learning and Multiplicity, Dr. Lee attempts to examine current models of interreligious education and proposes an alternative that better assists participants’ embodiment of “living together” with a perspective of multiplicity. Drawing on his own experience growing up in a multireligious family, he hopes that his research will provide theological affirmation and practical support for those who are struggling with their multireligious context and their “fragmented” identities such as himself.

Dr. Lee, a member of the Presbyterian Church (USA), has served multiple churches as a preacher, educator, and administrator during the past ten years. He has been committed to multicultural, bilingual, intergenerational, and immigrant ministries. He is an alumnus of Asian Theological Summer Institute. Beginning this summer, he will serve as a board member for the Confluence Institute, which is a non-profit organization for Asian American Ministry.

Dr. Lee is married to Kyungah Lee, who is in a PhD program in English Literature at Claremont Graduate University, and they have two sons, Alan and Ashton. They will move to Berkeley this June.

About The Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship: The Louisville Institute’s Postdoctoral Fellowship provides up to six fellowships per year to support a two-year, postdoctoral residency teaching in a theological school or a university theological studies department. Louisville Postdoctoral Fellows constitute a peer cohort that meets three times during each fellowship year.  Louisville Institute is funded by the Religion Division of Lilly Endowment, and is based at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary (Louisville, Kentucky). The Institute’s fundamental mission is to enrich the religious life of North American Christians and to encourage the revitalization of their institutions, by bringing together those who lead religious institutions with those who study them, so that the work of each might inform and strengthen the other. To receive further information about the Louisville Institute’s fellowships and grant programs, please consult the Louisville Institute or contact the Institute at info@louisville-institute.org.