Posted by Marvin K. White


God did not bulldoze Eden and replace it with a “Free Trade Zone”. God did not discover gold in order to mine God’s self. God never yelled, “Eureka!” God would never get rich off of God’s self at the expense of creation. God is expanse. God minds. God did not chop or uproot The Tree Of Life so that Eve would believe her farm would always be at-risk to be taken. God forced Eve to bloom. God does not evict, dispossess, displace or forcibly remove God’s people from God’s land. God places God’s self in your hands. You God’s landlord now.God has rights and can not be extracted. God is not an abstraction. God gets the land because God works the land. Dominion is God’s grace that you live off of. You don’t “have” dominion over nothin’.

Marvin K. White