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Epworth United Methodist Church, Berkeley, CA

We welcome all people on their journey of faith regardless of age, physical condition, race, gender, identity, sexual orientation, or class and support each other in our ministries to one another, the community, and the world.
–Reconciling Statement of Epworth United Methodist Church

Our congregation is committed to radical welcome, shared spiritual growth, and God’s work of healing and justice in the community and in the world. This is a nearly 300-member creative, progressive, growing Christian community providing a broad range of learning and serving opportunities.

Experiences in small group leadership, pastoral care, worship, preaching, prophetic witness, action for social justice, and education at all age levels are possible. A strong lay leadership and a creative and collegial staff makes this ministry dynamic and exciting!

CONTACT: Linda Loessberg-Zahl, linda.epworth@gmail.com or 916-501-4148

STIPEND: $975/month