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Abraham, Susan
Professor of Theology and Postcolonial Cultures
Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean
510/849-8233 |

Allen, Derene
Executive Director, Ignite Institute
Visiting Instructor in Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation

510/849-8216 |

Andreas, Keaton
Co-Director of Admissions, Media, and Recruitment
510/849-8231 |

Brody, Aaron
Robert and Kathryn Riddell Professor of Bible and Archaeology
Director of the Badè Museum
510/849-8224 |

Burns, Erin
Marketing and Communications Director
510/849-8222 |

Clark, Megan
Program Director, Ignite Institute
510-849-8279 |

Dyonzak, Terry
Director of Facilities
510/849-8254 |

Fennema, Sharon
Assistant Professor of Christian Worship
Director of Certificate in Sexuality and Religion
Director of Worship Life
510/849-8933 |

Gall, Jen
Executive Assistant to the President
510/849-8241 |

Gilliam, Grace
Associate Director of Community Engaged Learning
510/849-8238 /

Gonzalez, Marco
Assistant Facilities Technician

Jefferson, Ann
Director of Community Life and Spiritual Care
510/849-8257 |

Johnson, Jay
Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture
Director of Certificate of Spirituality and Social Change (CSSC) and Master of Arts in Social Transformation (MAST)
510/849-8235 |

Lawrence, James F.
Dean of the Swedenborgian House of Studies
Assistant Professor of Spirituality and Historical Studies
510/849-8232 |

Lee, Joung Chul 
Visiting Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Education, and Spiritual Formation 
Director of the Asian and Pacific Islander Initiative
510/849-8234 |

Manuel, Cora
Co-Director of Admissions, Recruitment, and Financial Aid
510/849-8283 |

Maxon, Andy
510/849-8282 |

McSpadden, Lucia A.
Coordinator, International Student Support
510/849-8250 |

Miller, Scott
Cook II
510/849-8282 |

Newton, Christy 
Interim Director of Community Engaged Learning
Instructor in the Practice of Ministry
510/849-8261 |

O’Leary, Patrick
Chief Business Officer
510/849-8274 |

Perea, Robert
Media Coordinator, Room Scheduling, and Receptionist 
510/849-8218 |

Radzins, Inese
Associate Professor of Theology
510/849-8932 |

Reed, Lyndsey
Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar
510/849-8285 |

Roman, Alex
Facilities Technician – Mechanical Trades
510/849-8276 |

Sano, Roy
Professor Emeritus of Theology and Pacific and Asian American Ministries
510/635-7916 |

Schlager, Bernard
Executive Director, Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion
Associate Professor of Cultural and Historical Studies
510/849-8278 |

Schroeder, Rossitza
Associate Professor of Arts and Religion
Deputy Accreditation Liaison Officer
510/849-8277 |

Scott, Wanda
Chief Advancement Officer

Scott, Will
Associate Advancement Director
510/849-8260 |

Stringfellow, Roland
Director of Umoja Project & Coordinator of the African-American Roundtable, Center for LGBTQ and Gender Studies in Religion
510/849-8934 |

Shank, Reuben
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Office of Academic Affairs
510/849-8233 |

Sommerville, Janice
Program Coordinator, Theological Education for Leadership
510/849-8284 |

Taylor, Leslie Carole
Co-Director of Recruitment, Events, and Admissions
510/849-8253 |

Vásquez-Levy, David
510/849-8241 |

Walker, Randi J.
Professor of Church History
Doctor of Ministry Program Director
510/849-8221 |

Weekes, Tara 
Interim Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar
510/849-8285 |