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The Faithful Fools is a live-work nonprofit serving San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, a rich stew of history and the characters who make it, artists and their art, and a catchment area where the City has, through decades of conscious planning decisions, funneled people who are poor, addicted, down on their luck, homeless. It is a neighborhood now under pressure from an influx of wealth and tech jobs and under threat from a federal administration that has promised to target many of the groups who have found welcome here and also promised to further unravel the social safety net, all the sustenance some of our neighbors have.

We seek Field Ed students and interns who can commit to specific hours and times where they can learn the art of being present to the constant flow of life that comes through the Faithful Fools’ doors — for connection, for programs in art and healing, for structure, learning, and companionship. We will mentor you in accompaniment of people who need a listener so they can hear themselves discover what their own next step may be.

At the Faithful Fools you will also have a chance to learn how entrepreneurial ministries are born and nurtured, and how a community ministry can take its shape from the neighborhood it serves and the people who are drawn to serve there. We will tailor your learning and serving agreement to what you most want to learn and to the gifts you bring to share with this ministry in the Tenderloin.

CONTACT: Rev. Mary McKinnon Ganz, mary.ganz@faithfulfools.org or cellphone 510-501-8906