Flexible Learning

Flexible Learning Courses

Online courses run in weekly rhythms over the full length of a semester.

As in the traditional classroom, faculty choose from a variety of teaching methods, depending on the subject matter and their own teaching style. There will be an abundance of reading, writing, and conversation (written or spoken) in each class. There may also be live, audio, or video lectures, slide shows, live conversation, student presentations, and group or one-on-one meetings by email, chat, phone or web conference.

Asynchronous courses have no required meeting time; you engage with the course on your own schedule on a weekly basis. These courses may have occasional “synchronous” components such as conference calls or web conferences. They are conducted through the GTU’s online learning system, called “Moodle.”

Synchronous courses meet online at designated times weekly.  Attendance online at scheduled times is required.  These courses may include both students in the Berkeley classroom and students online. Residential and Flexible Learning students participate together in ways that may include lectures, projects, presentations, and discussions.  They may be conducted using a web conferencing technology called Adobe Connect.

Hybrid courses involve some time in the classroom on campus and some time learning online using technologies mentioned above.

Intensive courses are one-, two- or three-week long classes offered during the summer or January intersession on PSR’s Berkeley campus. Students share lectures, worship, special events, and the beautiful Bay Area with classmates as they progress through their courses. Housing on campus is generally available.

Evening/Weekend Courses are offered on campus in the evenings and/or on weekends, enabling those with commitments during business hours to conveniently attend.

Theological Education for Leadership (TEL) Courses are fully online lay and continuing education courses.  CEUs are available; these courses are not for academic credit.

What courses are offered?

Each year, PSR will offer online or intensive courses in the following areas. Some courses may meet multiple area requirements:

Certificate of Theological Studies (four of the five areas below offered each year) areas:

  • Biblical Studies (BS, OT, NT)
  • History (HS)
  • Theology or Philosophy (ST, PH, PT)
  • Christian Ethics or Religion & Society (CE, RS)
  • Practical Theology (FT, SP, HM, LS, PS, ED)

Certificate of Sexuality and Religion area:

  • Sexuality and Religion

At least one online course will be offered by PSR each fall, spring, and summer term. PSR intensive courses are offered on campus during January and summer terms. Courses offered by other GTU schools in any format enrich the curriculum and may be taken by PSR students at no additional cost.

Those living close to the Berkeley campus but seeking the Flexible Learning experience may choose to take semester-long, on-campus courses as well as online and intensive courses.

Online Course Listings

Remember that flexible learning courses include more than just online courses.  See the GTU course catalogfor information about all PSR’s flexible learning offerings.

8000-8199 ONLINE Introductory courses which have no prerequisites
8200-8399 ONLINE Intermediate courses; primarily for Masters students
8400-8499 ONLINE Advanced courses for Masters and Doctoral students