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Gubbio Project, San Francisco, CA

Inspired by Francis of Assisi’s solidarity with and love for the poor and outcast, The Gubbio Project provides sanctuary for up to 300 homeless and displaced brothers and sisters every weekday who sleep on the pews of St. Boniface Catholic church in the Tenderloin (from 6am to 3pm) or on mats in the nave of St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in the Mission (from 6am to 12pm). It is one of the only projects of its kind in the nation and for many of the men and women who seek refuge in the churches, they are the only safe place in the city where they can find rest for body and soul. The Project also provides a system of outreach and compassionate support services, including referrals, blankets, toiletries, Friday morning breakfasts, and counseling. All services are open to anyone regardless of their religious affiliation and there are no barriers to entry.

The Gubbio Project is named for the story of the Wolf of Gubbio. It is a story about the transformation that occurs when we focus on the needs and the dignity of the other. St. Francis not only negotiates a peace between a wolf and the people of the town of Gubbio, but builds relationship between the two and, in the end, the wolf becomes Brother Wolf. That’s what we are about creating here at Gubbio.

The Gubbio Project invites a field education student to explore firsthand what it means for a church to be a sanctuary, to build bridges between the housed and the unhoused (the churched and unchurched), and to work among one of our nation’s most marginalized populations.

We offer Field Education students a range of options and experiences during their time here, and encourage you to work with your Mentor here to craft the Field Education experience that is right for you. One past Gubbio Field Education student worked as a chaplain to our guests and as an outreach person to Protestant churches in the Bay Area. Another student worked on non-profit administration for a semester, streamlining our information systems. There are many opportunities for growth for Gubbio, and we look forward to a Field Education student being part of that experience with us. We see opportunities for expanding our work with other area churches, guest preaching at local congregations, working closely with non-profit organizations and community groups in the Tenderloin and Mission neighborhoods, as well as providing accompaniment and pastoral care to our guests.

For students who may be commuting to San Francisco from the East Bay, both of the churches are conveniently located near BART stations.

We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Gubbio Community!

STIPEND: $400/mo.


CONTACT: John Brett, Site Coordinator at Gubbio’s St. John Site,, 415.861.5848

The Gubbio Project
133 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102