Jobs in Ministry

Half-time Program Director, Network of Spiritual Progressives, Berkeley, CA

NSP–the Network of Spiritual Progressives, the interfaith and secular-humanist-welcoming activism and education arm of Tikkun magazine––is looking to hire a half-time (20 hr/wk) program director to work with the Executive Director to build a spiritually progressive social change movement. In particular, the program director will:

  • Strategize how to promote the ideas and proposals of the NSP with social change activists, organizations, spiritual and religious communities, labor unions, and progressive professionals.
  • Support the ED in the nuts and bolts of leading spiritual activist trainings and will eventually have the skills and desire to lead trainings on your own.
  • Support NSP chapters by creating and leading conference calls (through Zoom platform) and providing guidance and empathy to chapter leaders and training participants, working with the ED to create additional training materials (including sample press releases, letters to the editor, brochures promoting the ideas and programs of the NSP, etc.) for chapters, and further developing strategies to ensure the success of chapters.
  • Develop a social media campaign to help spread the ideas of the NSP, promote our ideas, campaigns, and chapter-development and help us reach a broader audience.
  • As time allows, help create podcasts or other means to promote our ideas and programs.


  • Computer and social media savvy
  • Ability to concretize visionary ideas and proposals into concrete steps to achieve our goals of healing, repairing and transforming our world to a world of social, economic and environmental justice, love and generosity or, as we put it, to create The Caring Society—Caring for Each Other and Caring for the Earth.
  • You are both willing and comfortable sharing your ideas and perspectives with people you do not know, and equally comfortable having your ideas and perspectives challenged, and are able to respond in an empathic way.

Preferred Experience:

These are the types of experiences that will make one a strong applicant. We do not require that you have all of these experiences. We hope you are interested and excited to learn those that you do not currently possess.

  • Experience working (in some capacity) with social change activists, organizations, spiritual and religious communities, labor unions, and progressive professionals
  • Experience using social media and computer technology to host teleconference calls and our activist trainings, support activist groups, and encourage public discussion of our ideas.
  • Experience developing or leading trainings for diverse groups of people
  • Experience producing podcasts or similar audio materials or the willingness and ability to learn
  • Marketing experience
  • Experience with Salsa Labs or similar platform or the willingness and ability to learn

You do not necessarily have to be based in Berkeley, CA where our Tikkun/NSP office is located, although that would be helpful.

Salary and Benefits:

This is a half-time position (20 hours/week). Salary will range from $25,000-$30,000.

To apply:
  1. First, go to our website and read all of the parts of that website that describe our ideas and programs. Please only apply if you would feel comfortable advocating for this approach to transformation of our world.
  2. Second, write a self-revealing letter telling about yourself, your experience, what skills you have that would make you a really good person for this job, and what are the parts of our NSP vision that appeal to you most and which are the ones that appeal to you least, and what elements of the job appeal to you most and which appeal to you least. The more honest and self-revealing, the more likely we are to take your application seriously.
  3. Third, send a CV or resume with your educational and work background and include your email and snail mail address and the best number(s) at which to reach you.

Send all this to NSP Executive Director Cat Zavis:,
with the subject heading: Program Director Job.