Effective July 1, 2019:

Subsidized Housing for PSR Students

Pacific School of Religion is committed to partnering with students in making theological education accessible. To this end, resources from PSR’s endowment, annual fundraising, and ancillary income are used to support the education of students in PSR’s various programs. Through the use of these resources, PSR is able to offer its education at tuition levels that are well below the actual cost of the delivering the education.

Additionally, PSR maintains housingmanaged by Hudson MacDonaldthat is offered to PSR students at a significant discount from prevailing housing costs in our area. In order to best steward the use of these properties for its educational mission, PSR has established the following requirements for PSR students to qualify for subsidized housing:

  • Students must take a minimum of 15 units in an academic year, including summer and intersession, with no less than 6 units in any given semester. DMin students must be enrolled a minimum of 7.5 in an academic year, with no less than 3 units in any given semester.
  • Students may request an exception to the minimum for one semester throughout their time receiving subsidized housing rates. Students who are granted an exception must early-register for the following semester to continue to qualify for subsidized housing.
  • Students must be accepted to their PSR program by March 15 to qualify for subsidized housing.
  • The priority deadline for housing for new students is March 31. After March 31, there is no guaranteed housing preference for PSR students.
  • Students can qualify for housing for a maximum number of years based on the program they are in as follows:
    • MDiv—5 years
    • MTS—3 years
    • MAST—3 years
    • DMin—2 years
    • Certificate 1 year—Adding a certificate to a degree will not add additional years to the maximum number of years in subsidized housing

Note: If exceptions rule are made, subsidized housing rates do not apply.

Units will be assigned according to number of residents as follows:

  • Dorm room—single student
  • Studio—single student or couple
  • One bedroom—couple, couple and 1 child, parent and 1 or 2 children

Pacific School of Religion’s housing is managed by Hudson MacDonald. Contact aurelia@hudsonmcdonald.com for information about housing.

Subsidized housing rates, 2019-2020, for dormitory rooms per month:

September through May (does not include board) $780
June through August (does not include board) $600

Apartments per month (does not include board)

Studio $1,171
One-bedroom $1,422