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Professor Lawrence to Guide DMin Program

Effective July 1, 2018, Rev. Dr. Jim Lawrence became the new director for PSR’s Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree program. He writes:

“The DMin degree is an empowering and immensely useful professional development option for some religious leaders and practitioners. The journey of what is considered the terminal professional degree in ministry is designed to allow doctoral students to target in specific and efficient ways an area of their praxis in which they desire to “up their game” and become especially excellent. In the end, the ministry professional has become expert in their focus area and receives the well-earned title of Dr.

PSR’s DMin program continues as it has for decades supporting doctoral candidates in core praxis specialties such as preaching, Biblical teaching, worship and liturgy, pastoral care, and chaplaincy skills. In addition, however, PSR has recently strengthened learning by cohort work in three new concentration areas: social transformation ministries in the public square; sexuality and religion through the lens of LGBTQ frameworks; and ministry leadership in Pacific Islander and Pacific Rim contexts.

Envisioned and developed by Prof. Randi Walker and launched four years ago, a new program anchored in Honolulu has fashioned a valuable new resource for ministry professionals in the Pacific region, while also establishing a new beachhead for PSR’s presence off the mainland and thus deepening PSR’s commitment to the cultures of the developing worlds. There is no doctoral program in ministry available to religious professionals in such places as Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Tahiti, Fiji, South Korea, and Japan, and by developing this beachhead in the northern region of Oceania, PSR takes a bold step toward its mission to engage the diversity of cultures.

Though PSR launched CLGS all the way back in 2000 as the first center of its kind in theological educational institutions, PSR remains the sole seminary with a center for LGBTQ studies and vocational journeys. The new LGBTQ cohort emphasis builds upon this hallmark of PSR’s contemporary history to add professional doctoral journeys for ministry visions.

Finally, over the past five years PSR has designed and launched the MAST degree that builds on the school’s historic strength in social justice, now further enriched by the also new Ignite Institute. As such, PSR boasts considerable resources for the new social transformation cohort concentration, providing an enriched opportunity for religious leaders who want to “up their game” engaging culture in the public square.

The DMin journey enriches and empowers the professional journeys of the vast majority of those who undertake it, and PSR offers a distinctive set of options for clergy from many traditions.”

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