(Canceled) Liberation Theology and the Myths of Capitalism: A Lecture with Jung Mo Sung

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Wall Street StatuePlease note: Due to a family emergency, Professor Jung Mo Sung will not be joining us this Friday. Our prayers are with his Professor Sung and his family. Our apologies to those who planned to attend this event.

Renowned liberation theologian Jung Mo Sung will be delivering a lecture on the “Liberation Theology and the Myths of Capitalism” at 4pm on Friday, September 22 in PSR’s Badè Museum (1798 Scenic Ave, Berkeley, CA).

Known for his innovative approach to Latin American liberation theology, Sung has been a leading voice in theological discussions about economic justice, consumerism, and the discourse that sustains our current global economy. Sung’s lecture at PSR will explore his recent research in changes in the nature of the “mythic structure” that sustains and supports capitalism.

 A Korean-born Brazilian Roman Catholic, Sung is professor at the Graduate Program in Religious Studies at the Methodist University of São Paulo, Brazil. He is the author of numerous books and articles including Desire, Market and Religion (SCM Press, 2007), The Subject, Capitalism, and Religion (Palgrave, 2011), and Beyond the Spirit of Empire (SCM Press, 2009), co-authored with Néstor Míguez and Joerg Rieger.

 For further information about the event and to RSVP, please access the Facebook page of the event.

Livestream available here – log in at 4pm PST on Friday, September 22nd!


  • Erica Cody says:

    Greeting! I live in Atlanta and I am a prospective student. Currently, I attend McAfee School of Theology, but looking for an institution that will better fit my needs for my spiritual calling. I received information about you’ll from a representative that attended the Proctor Conference in February of this year. I am extremely interested in this upcoming event. Is there any way for me to live stream this sermon?

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