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Many Journeys Metropolitan Community Church, San Mateo, CA

Metropolitan Community Churches have a historic primary (but not exclusive) ministry to LGBTQQI2Spirited… peoples. Our denomination housed the early authors and proponents of scriptural interpretations that take the ‘bash out of the Bible.’ MCC continues to be active for LGBT rights especially in those places where it is still dangerous to be visible.

MCC’s believe in the priesthood of all believers, so our members are very active in worship.  We also have those who are very invested in the learning committee process.  We are proud at Many Journeys of the (10?) interns who have made their way though our community and out into the world to serve as Chaplains, Church Planters, and Community Organizers.

This is a flexible placement, as interested in the way we can serve your learning as we are in the ways you can serve our community.  Your learning/serving covenant will reflect this.  Many Journeys MCC was founded in 2005, and Rev. Terri was the founding Pastor.  This is a great placement for those who may be interested in founding a church themselves; there is plenty of room for new approaches in more places. Rev. Terri loves to teach via conversation and self-discovery, especially via teachable moments connected to real observations of the communities’ unfoldings.

The intern will have preaching and teaching opportunities as well as participate in the day to day administrative activities of the church. Most of your work will be done remotely, since we rent the church building and have no formal office there. Your journey, your questions, your progress matter to us.



CONTACT: Rev. Terri Echelbarger, Pastor., 650-515-0900

Many Journeys Metropolitan Community Church
1150 W. Hillsdale Blvd
San Mateo, CA 94403