2014 Changemakers in Colombia

Mother Earth Knows

(original poster unknown)

If the land could speak,It would speak for us.
It would say, like us, that the years
Have forged the bond of life that ties us together.
It was our labor that made the land she is;
And it was her yielding that gave us life.
We and the land are one!

But who would listen?
Will they listen,
Those invisible,
Who, from an unfeeling distance, claim
The land is theirs?
Because pieces of paper say so?
Because the pieces of paper are backed by men
Who speak threatening words;
Men who have power to shoot and to kill,
Men who have power to take our men and our sons away.

If the land could speak!
It would speak for us!
For the land is us!
-Macli-ing Dulag, highway labourer from the Igorot indigenous tribe in the Philippines