Jobs in Ministry

Nueva Esperanza Coordinator, Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity, Bay Area, Northern California

Our role in the Sanctuary Movement: ​The Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity is part of the ​National Sanctuary Movement​ that works with congregations of all faith traditions to be active in the modern sanctuary movement that advocates, accompanies, defends, and shelters immigrant communities. We consult with congregations on their discernment to make a public, corporate commitment to walk alongside immigrants, mixed-status families and refugees. We believe that making a public declaration of sanctuary inspires faithful resilience and courageous public witness. We envision that immigrants will have a choice to migrate and countries will receive them as neighbors bringing new opportunities for our collective future.

Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Program: Nueva Esperanza began in 2014 as a response to the humanitarian crisis of thousands of Central American children and families fleeing violence, persecution, corruption, and poverty from their home and seek asylum in the U.S. Nueva Esperanza Accompaniment Teams (NEAT) ​​are volunteers organized by congregations and trained by IM4HI to walk with immigrant families in their integration process. The team members assist to find services, courtroom accompaniment, short-term transitional housing, and social support.

Nueva Esperanza Coordinator:

​Is responsible to manage the Nueva Esperanza program by coordinating with the accompaniment teams and the immigrant(s). The coordinator will maintain an updated version of the training and resource materials to properly support the team, and collaborate with IM4HI Staff and partnering organizations to ensure that immigrants in the community receive adequate and dignified support.

Main Responsibilities

  • Manage the Nueva Esperanza program: develop training curriculum, update local resources, document case load, and handle recruitment of volunteers.
  • Manage several caseloads by keeping track of needs, achievements, and resources of the accompaniment team and family.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with partner organizations about complementary assistance to the immigrant families they serve. .
  • Carry out promotion through powerpoint presentations, brochures, online communication.
  • Work with IM4HI staff to ensure the program meets organization’s goals of leadership development, centering the voices of directly impacted, and practicing racial equity.


  • Experienced in working among immigrants and social advocacy groups.
  • Familiar or comfortable with collaborating within a religious/ interreligious environment.
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication skills in interpersonal and public settings.
  • Experienced in coordinating a volunteer program.
  • Experience in program development.
  • Trained in handling crisis management and conflict resolution.
  • Mature work skills in time management and program management.
  • Works well in both independent and collaborative settings.
  • Excellent presentation skills and facilitator skills.
  • Proficient in MS Word, Excel, Google Suite, Powerpoint and social media.
  • Bilingual in Spanish, especially skilled in interpretation, written, and public speaking.

Work Schedule and Environment

  • Must be a resident of the Bay Area
  • Flexibility to work on weekends and evenings for meetings and trainings
  • Must have a reliable form of transportation to travel around the Bay Area.
  • Working from home office is an option


  • This is a part-time position of 20 hours a week
  • Generous paid federal holidays and vacation time
  • Small staff environment that encourages self-care, spiritual practices, and teamwork.

Application Process

Please send this information to Miriam Noriega, ​​. After, we will contact you for an interview.

    • Cover letter

    • Resume

    • 2 references name, title, e-mail, and phone number.

Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity

Who We Are:

​We are a statewide California organization that connects clergy and people of faith to the work of social justice in Los Angeles County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Inland Valleys. We work to make the criminal justice syste​m more just, and the immigration system more fair and humane. ​We organize faith communities to use public witness to shape a moral understanding of the issue, fill the gaps of need, and work as part of a larger social movement to provide an authentic, deeply-rooted religious perspective and undergirded by a deep commitment to racial equity.

IM 4 Human Integrity Values

Centering Voices of Directly-Impacted Communities:​Majority of our leaders have been directly impacted by our current criminalization systems and they consult and guide the planning process of our programs and events.

Framing our Advocacy Work with a Racial Equity Framework:​Our content and tools are rooted in our advocacy combats racism, xenophobia, and other oppressive ideologies that form current social justice issues of immigration, colonization, and criminalization. Also, we seek to address accessibility and inclusion in all our work.

Integrating Interfaith Principles and Practices:​Our content and tools incorporate interfaith practices to build a sustainable solidarity network of activism.

Humanizing Our Experience:​We incorporate moments for human connection, spiritual and emotional processing throughout our work.

Being a Prophetic Witness :​We acknowledge that our faith-rooted organizing model bears witness to a visionary and public morality that has national implications.

Equal employment opportunity

It is the policy of the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, national origin, genetic information, or any other characteristic protected by law. IM 4 Human Integrity prohibits any such discrimination or harassment.