Borders and Identity: Workshop Session 2

Organizing Communities for Resistance

Presented by Erika Katske, Ignite Institute at Pacific School of Religion

Now more than ever, we need creative, determined and spiritually-rooted organizers to aid in the work of building strong, resilient and responsive communities.

Join veteran faith-based community organizer, Erika Katske, for an interactive workshop and discussion about community organizing and participation in social movement as spiritual practice in these urgent times. The session will include both theory and practical skill-building and will be helpful to those who seek to build relational and communal power in either congregations or community organizations. Whether you are organizing around safeguarding immigrants, sustaining LGBT legal protections, maintaining funding for social services or defending the environment, this workshop will provide both traditional and some new ways of thinking about building and using power to create the just world we all envision.

This workshop is sponsored by the Ignite Institute at PSR. The Ignite Institute offers innovative leadership training programs that draw on the strengths of Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, to bring a fresh approach based upon introspection, community building and spiritual growth. All programs are designed to provide tangible tools in navigating the increasing complexity in both the workplace and in life.

About Erika:

For 20 years, Erika Katske has been organizing in faith, labor, LGBT and public school communities around social justice issues that impact urban families: healthcare, education, violence, immigration policy, affordable housing and access to economic opportunity. She was trained in community organizing by both the Midwest Academy and the PICO National Network and worked for more than a decade organizing congregations throughout the Bay Area and across the country. After living and working in Santiago de Chile for a year, she returned to the states as PSR Changemaker Fellow in 2015. Erika has a BA in Sociology and Philosophy from Smith College and is currently a candidate for the Masters of Arts in Spirituality and Social Transformation at PSR. Her research and writing focuses on reclaiming and reenvisioning the story of the Tower of Babel.

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