Are you looking for an opportunity to explore the interrelationships between theological study and other vocations, or pondering preparation for ordained ministry? PSR’s Certificate of Theological Studies (CTS) program offers a wonderful opportunity to spend the equivalent of the first year in a theological master’s program, sharpening your understanding of your faith and clarifying your vocational or academic goals. If you should later enroll in a PSR degree program, you may apply all credits earned in the CTS.

The CTS is a three-year part time flexible program or one-year full time residential program designed to assist you in:

  • Clarifying your personal faith journey as a step toward ordination, entrance to a full degree program, or other goals in religious work.
  • Finding a grounding in disciplined theological study before entering a degree program or vocation in directing religious activities or education or in working in religious settings
  • Seeking continuing education while in a vocation for which theological study would be a professional asset.

Note: The following disclosure is published in accordance with the U.S. Department of Education regulation on Program Integrity: Gainful Employment: CTS Gainful Employment Disclosure Data.