Summer 2018

Introduction to Preaching & Preaching and Storytelling I/II (June 18-29), Preaching and Storytelling (June 25-29) (Berkeley, CA)

We live in a time of competing narratives, and transformative preaching requires preachers to create and deliver compelling narratives. This course will explore the art of storytelling and how it can enable such preaching. We will use narrative theory to examine the poetics of storytelling. How do the elements of narrative affect us when we read or hear stories? The course will employ an inductive methodology. We will listen to recordings of stories told by gifted storytellers from a variety of cultures. How do these narrative artists go about their craft? What can we learn from them about both the structure and the delivery of stories? We will consider how preachers can incorporate storytelling in our preaching and will use in-class exercises each day to work on our own storytelling skills.

The course is offered both to active preachers as continuing education as well as to MDiv and PhD students. Each student will preach once during the course of this class (1.5 credits); students wishing 3.0 credits will also submit a term paper.


Dates: June 18-29, 2018 (Sessions I/II); June 25-29th (Session II: Preaching & Storytelling ONLY), M-F
Time: 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Pacific School of Religion’s campus, 1798 Scenic Ave., Berkeley, CA 94709
Instructor: Dr. David Ourisman

Credits: 3 credits, 4 CEUs Sessions I/II; 1.5 credits, 2 CEUs for Session II: Preaching and Storytelling ONLY
Meets requirements for: Both sessions (3 credits) meet M.Div core requirement; Preaching and Storytelling only is an elective.

How to Register

Registration for Summer Session opens May 7 at noon. Current students may register here; alumni/ae may register by emailing Lyndsey Reed at