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Words before All Else: Where We Begin
President’s Chapel – Community Worship 
Tuesday, September 4, 11:10am – Chapel of the Great Commission

Inspired by the Haudenosaunee practice of beginning each day and especially important endeavors with a thanksgiving address known as “the words that come before all else,” our first worship service of the 2018-19 academic year invited PSR students, faculty and staff to begin our time together with gratitude, and to explore what other words we as a community might need to say and hear before all the other words that will get said and read, sung and shouted, struggled over, dwelt with and taken in throughout the coming year.

PSR President, David Vasquez-Levy, preached


Facebook Live Recording

Forming Resilient Selves:
Dean’s Chapel – Community Worship
Tuesday, September 11, 11:10am – Chapel of the Great Commission

PSR’s weekly community worship invites us to explore the work of formation we are engaged in, especially the ways in which we form resilient selves in, for and with each other.  As we blessed new students, staff and faculty and shared Holy Communion together, we asked how might practices of deep listening, honoring and emboldening, and sacred eating contribute to the nourishment of our spiritual roots and justice dreaming and doing.

Dr. Susan Abraham, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean & Professor of Theology and Post-Colonial Cultures, preached (read the sermon) and Rev. Dr. Joung Chul Lee, Visiting Assistant Professor of Practical Theology, Education, and Spiritual Formation
Director, Asian and Pacific Islander Initiative, presided

Facebook Live Recording

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