Summer 2018

Greening your Church: Theological and Practical Foundations – June 18-29 (Online)

Dr. Robert Short-Goss

Dr. Robert Shore-Goss

This online course with the overall theme of a “Summer of Love” extends the Golden Rule of love of neighbor to love of God’s creation. It explores the pastoral and theological foundations and eco-resource to prepare yourself and your church to become a “Climate Church” in the 21st century, exploring themes of climate change, environmental racism, prophetic preaching, ritual protests and civil disobedience, and networking with interfaith and green organizations for collaborative work for environmental care and justice.


Date: June 18-29, 2018
Location: Online
Instructor: Shore-Goss

Credits: 3 credits, 4 CEUs
Meets requirements for: Elective

How to Register

Registration for Summer Session opens May 7 at noon. Current students may register here; alumni/ae may register by emailing Lyndsey Reed at