Root Causes of Latin American Migration to the U.S. Border

School of the Americas Watch Vigil

Maria Luisa RosalJoin Community Engaged Learning for a conversation with Maria Luisa Rosal, Field Organizer: School of the Americas Watch.

School of Americas Watch (SOAW) moved its annual vigil from Fort Benning, Georgia to the U.S./Mexico border to call attention to militarized U.S. foreign policy as a principal root cause of migration, as well as the devastating impact U.S. security and immigration policy has on refugees, asylum seekers, and immigrant families on both sides of the border and in our own communities.

Maria Luisa Rosal will address current issues confronting our Latin American siblings, sharing the stories of resistance movements on both sides of the border.

Please bring your lunch and join Maria Luisa for a Brown Bag discussion to listen, learn, and stand up in active solidarity with communities that challenge the militarization of the border.

Wednesday, September 20

12:30pm – 2pm, PSR 6

Pacific School of Religion Campus, 1798 Scenic Ave., Berkeley, CA

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