Special Reading Courses

A Special Reading Course (SRC) allows a student to work with a consortium instructor on a topic that is not available via the regular course schedule or to upgrade a lower level course to a higher level course with additional work required. The student and the instructor negotiate and must agree on the details of the course or upgrade (meeting times, readings, papers, projects, exams, etc.). For some general guidance on workload expectations, please refer to PSR’s Credit Hour Policy. The student should be aware that the instructor receives no additional compensation for offering a SRC. Therefore, a student should not ask a professor to offer a SRC for a class that is offered regularly, and while core faculty are not obligated to offer SRCs, those who choose to do so are advised to take on no more than two SRCs per semester.

Special reading courses (SRCs) can be arranged between an individual student and a faculty person who has a regular (not adjunct) appointment at PSR or another GTU school. In general, PSR does not approve SRCs where the proposed instructor is an adjunct faculty person.

SRCs are not taken as replacements for regular curricular offerings and are not an appropriate means to fulfill required courses for a program. Each SRC cannot exceed 3 credits. All SRCs are counted as elective credits, unless you obtain special approval from your instructor, advisor, and dean, and there are different limitations to how many SRCs may be used toward a program. Check your program manual or the Common Academic Polices Chart for this information.

For any exceptions to the above policies that must be approved by the Academic Dean, it is recommended that a student obtain written permission and confirmation regarding these exceptions (example: using and SRC to fulfill a requirement; having an adjunct faculty person teach your SRC, etc.) prior to enrollment in an SRC. Academic Dean approval on the SRC form does not constitute approval for fulfillment of a core course requirement.

Enrollment in a SRC is a two-step process:

  1. Step one: REGISTER in Sonis during either Early, General, or Late Registration periods (Skip Step 1 and go on to Step 2 for any Summer SRC)
    Students should register for SRC 9999 01 for specially directed courses/independent study
    Students should register for SRC 8888 01 for upgrading the level of an existing course
    If enrolling for multiple SRCs, the student enters the total number of units for all SRCs on one enrollment line.
  2. Step two: submit a SPECIAL READING COURSE FORM to the Registrar.
    The student contacts the proposed instructor to make the necessary arrangements and obtains a SRC form either online or in front of Holbrook 135. The student must complete all sections of the SRC form, obtain signatures of the faculty and advisor and submit the form to the PSR Registrar by the close of late registration.  In both SRC 9999’s and SRC 8888’s, a Special Reading Course form is required to complete registration.

Failure to submit a completed form and to register for the units online before the end of the late registration period may result in change in enrollment fees, no credit, and no grade. Successfully completed SRCs will appear on your transcript as SRC-9999-PS[instructor initials] or SRC-8888-PS[instructor initials] and then the course title you and instructor agreed on for your course.