Americans with Disabilities Act

PSR students who have previously had accommodations with the GTU, or will need them moving forward, need to work with PSR’s Disability Resource Officers (DRO) Mz. Ann in the Office of Community Life ( or Assistant Dean for Academic Programming, Tara Weekes ( If you have previously had accommodations, and you’ve submitted all the paperwork to the GTU, all you will need to submit is the Permission for Faculty Notification release form. Unless this form is submitted, faculty will not be notified and accommodations cannot be made. Please submit no later than the end of the first week of the term. In the event you have never had accommodations, but feel you may need them, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of our DROs.

PSR is committed to helping students realize their academic potential and eliminate physical, programmatic and attitudes that serve as barriers for students with disabilities. Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 prohibits discrimination on the basis of disabilities in employment, education, public accommodations, transportation, state and government services, and telecommunications.

According to Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, “No otherwise qualified individual with a disability in the United States [. . .] shall, solely by reason of her or his disability, be excluded from the participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.”

This policy and its procedures and resources relate to not just physical disabilities but also learning and other types of disabilities as well. All accommodations related to physical, psychological, learning etc. disabilities must be determined by the institution to not incur an undue institutional burden and should not substantively alter academic standards and learning outcomes of the programs.

Accessibility in Buildings, Grounds, and Campus Housing

PSR works to ensure that important private and public spaces on campus are accessible to those who use wheelchairs. Ramps or ground-level doors provide ready access to the administration building, chapel, dining hall, and classrooms. Please consult the PSR campus map and our PSR Campus Accessibility page for details to reach the reception desk, find automatic door openers at the west entrance of Holbrook Hall. Because of the hills around PSR, manually driven wheelchairs can be difficult to maneuver; motorized wheelchairs or scooters are advised.

Accommodations based on Dietary Needs

While PSR may mandate a meal plan depending on student program, type, and registration, students may petition to waive this requirement based on health needs by following the ADA Procedure and Forms along with a physician’s notice regarding your health conditions.

Accommodations based on Learning/ Mental/ Psychological/ Emotional Disabilities

Students may apply to for accommodations for more time, use of various tools and technologies, and in some cases even negotiate alternative modalities for exams and lectures (dependent on the faculty’s capacity to accommodate) based on learning, mental, or psychological disabilities. Consult the ADA Procedure and Forms well in advance before accommodations.

For students who may not necessarily know what accommodations would be most helpful or are unsure of what kind of disability they may have, the student may seek out a third party Education or Learning Assessment which PSR and the GTU do not provide. Students are also encouraged to seek resources, including financial assistance through the Department of Rehabilitation.

Temporary Accommodations and Disability

At times, students may require short-term accommodations due to a variety of reasons such as surgery, short-term illness, etc. For such short term disabilities, students are also encourages to apply for ADA accommodations by consulting the ADA Procedure and Forms and submit a physician’s notice. Students are also encouraged to inform the Disabilities Officer when accommodations are no longer needed.

Other Resources for Students with Disabilities

  • Physician Services: Kaiser Permanente
    For students enrolled in the GTU Health Insurance Plan with Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser offers psychiatric evaluation, counseling, and group therapy as covered under the insurance plan we offer. If you have health insurance with a different provider, contact your provider to find out more about the evaluation and therapy services they offer. If you have a physical or dietary disability, Kaiser physicians can provide you with a notice of your condition for you to submit with your ADA forms.
  • California Department of Rehabilitation
    Students with disabilities often are eligible for an evaluation, support, and resources from California’s Department of Rehabilitation. The Berkeley branch by Ashby BART is close and accessible to Berkeley students. Education is sometimes a part of vocational rehabilitation, and for this reason, this service can be especially helpful to PSR students to help identify which assistive technologies may be most helpful to students with disabilities and you may even qualify for financial reimbursement of some educational costs such as tuition and books.
  • Software and Technological Tools
    • Bookshare
      Accessible Online Library for people with print disabilities (braille for visually impaired, high quality text-to-speech books)
    • Kurzweil Scanning
      For reading materials not readily available in Bookshare or with text-to-speech, Kurzweil scans in text and applies OCR to enable text-to-speech
    • The Pomodoro Technique
  • Educational Assessments
    If you think you might have a learning disability but aren’t sure, you may want to seek an Learning or Educational Assessment. The Bay Area has several resources for assessing a learning or other disability. Some local services include:

  • Animals as Accommodations Policy
  • Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990
  • ADA Policies from the Federal Government

In general students requesting accommodations should file a request with the Graduate Theological Union to cover accommodations at all consortial campuses. To find out more, visit the GTU Students with Disabilities page.

If accommodations need to be arranged with a specific campus, the GTU Disabilities Resource Officer (DRO) will work with the appropriate personnel at each campus for these accommodations.

All documents related to your ADA status and/or request will be kept in confidential file separate from your academic file and will be destroyed within one year after you have either graduated, withdrawn, or been terminated from the institution.

For further PSR-specific questions related to accommodations, contact the Assistant Dean at PSR.

If you require campus accessiblity accommodations that you do not see listed below, please contact the Assistant Dean & Registrar at for either temporary or ongoing campus accommodations. It is strongly recommended that you contact our offices for any special accommodations or access arrangements well in advance of your arrival.

Buckham (PSR chapel, PSR 6, IT)

  • There is an outdoor wheelchair lift from the main level of the PSR campus to the basement level of the chapel where PSR 6 and IT offices are located. The lift is located on the northeast side of the PSR Chapel and must be operated by a key that can be requested from the Housing Director (, who will also orient you on how to operate the lift.
  • Accessible entrance to PSR chapel on west side of building
  • Wheelchair door activation switch at west entrance
  • One unisex accessible restroom on the west side of building
  • Hearing loop for the hearing impaired installed in front pews in PSR Chapel

D’Autremont Hall (community dining hall)

  • Wheelchair door activation button at main north side entrance
  • One accessible unisex restroom

Holbrook Hall (administrative and faculty offices)

  • One elevator in Holbrook that accesses level G, B, 1 (main level of campus), and 2. However, level G is not accessible by itself.
  • Holbrook elevator may be used by those who park in the outer lot to access to main level of PSR campus
  • To access elevator in Holbrook outside business days/hours, contact Housing Director (
  • Three Ramps to Holbrook
    -West entrance
    -South entrance to the Bade Museum/Doug Adams Gallery
    -Outer parking lot to “B” level of Holbrook
  • Wheelchair door activation switch at west entrance
  • One accessible unisex restroom by elevator on level 1

Mudd Building (classrooms)

  • One Ramp to west wing of Mudd at southwest entrance
  • Wheelchair door activation button at southwest entrance
  • Wheelchair door activation button at main south entrance
  • 1st floor accessible. 2nd floor not accessible. If you have a class scheduled on the second floor and need it to be moved to the 1st floor for accessibility reasons, please contact the PSR registrar at
  • Non-gender specific accessible restrooms on 1st floor, west wing of Mudd


  • Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are available in the outer lot (not under the Mudd building) on the north side of Holbrook Hall.
  • A parking attendant is available during business days and hours when class is in session.

Student, Faculty, and visitor on-campus Housing (private access only)

  • Benton: all 1st floor units are accessible
  • Castleview: Units 1 and A have fire alarms for hearing-impaired
  • McCown: one accessible 1-bedroom apt.
  • 1718 Scenic: one accessible studio apt.

For more information on private campus housing accessibility, contact the Housing Director (