Community Association of Pacific School of Religion (CAPSR)

The Community Association of PSR (CAPSR) is made up of the whole PSR student community. All students registered in PSR programs and their partners and families are CAPSR members. The Association’s activities, events, and programs are spearheaded by CAPSR Council.

The mission of the CAPSR Council is two-fold:

1) To facilitate communication between various members of the PSR community, particularly among students and between students and PSR’s administration; and,

2) To strengthen the bonds between members of the PSR “family” through community-oriented activities and events (both on and off-campus).

CAPSR Council’s mission is to serve as the organizing and facilitating body within the PSR community by:

  • facilitating communication between various members of the PSR community: particularly among students and between students and PSR’s administration, faculty, staff and Board;
  • strengthening the bonds between members of the PSR community through community oriented activities and events;
  • encouraging learning and enrichment outside the classroom by empowering students to take action in seeking knowledge, community building, and problem solving;
  • advocating for cooperative solutions to members’ questions, suggestions, and concerns. CAPSR council seeks to foster the creation of an intentional community of mutuality and respect through modeling the practice of open and non-violent communication, and honoring the diverse gifts and contributions of the PSR community.

CAPSR Council meets regularly and oversees the activities and concerns of CAPSR. Meetings are open to the community.  Council Members for the academic year will be confirmed in September.  There are still positions open.



In the Spring semester 2012, the CAPSR council created a charter to make the council’s work more efficient and functional. This includes a description of how the council should be composed and how the the election procedures should take place.

This charter was revised and updated in Spring of 2014.  The updated charter is available in the Office of Community Life.

Council Members

Ideally, the Council is comprised of a minimum of seven members: (2) MDiv students; (2) non-MDiv program students; the PSR Student Trustee; (1) International student, and (1) Commuter student. We would also like to include a Partner/Family representative on the Council if at all possible.

CAPSR Council Roles include:

Moderator: The moderator leads meetings of the Council; collects business items and sets the agenda for Council meetings; and serves as overall point person for the Council, representing CAPSR to the wider PSR Community.

Recorder: The recorder takes notes at Council meetings; posts Council agenda items and posts meeting minutes for the wider PSR Community; keeps contact lists of Council members and student representatives, and helps keep updates current on the CAPSR FB and website pages.

Treasurer: The treasurer works with the Office of Community Life to set and keep the budget with the Council’s approval; reports monthly to the Council on the state of its finances, and helps manage the details of the CAPSR Conference Registration & Travel Assistance grants.

Student Event/Activities Coordinator: The student events coordinator serves as a resource along with Community Life for student groups & individuals who wish to plan activities; this is also the point person for CAPSR-sponsored events.

PSR Committee Representation Coordinator: The Committee Rep Coordinator facilitates recruitment of student representation to various board and school committees; publicizes open positions and serves as a communication liaison (on these roles) between CAPSR and President’s Office.

Join CAPSR Council

If you would like to be considered for election to the CAPSR Council, please submit the following to the Office of Community Life box in reception:

1) Your name, PSR Program & Year and best contact information. If you’d like to submit a photo, that would be great but not required;

2) A brief statement describing your interest in serving and any ideas you have for moving CAPSR forward as a viable and community-energizing association.

Student Representatives

The Council also assists in the selection of students to represent CAPSR on the school’s faculty, trustee, and other administrative committees, and provides a student voice in campus issues and policy decisions. New Student Representatives will be solicited by early September.

Grants for Student Groups

Each year CAPSR also allocates a certain portion of CAPSR fees for student group grants. Student groups must be registered, and must apply in the beginning of the semester to be considered for a grant. Refer to the Student Group Grant Request for details and grant limits, through the link below, which is a downloadable PDF.  CAPSR also provides small travel assistance grants for students attending conferences that will offer benefit not just to the student but to the larger community.

Student Group Registration & Budget Proposal Form

CAPSR Event Registration and Travel Assistance Application


Strengthen the bonds between members of the PSR community through community-oriented activities and events.

Examples include town hall meetings, Winterfeast Holiday Dinner, End of the Schoolyear BBQ, Spring Prom,  Spouse/Partner appreciation and Community Service Project.

The majority of community building efforts at PSR are student-led. The Office of Community Life provides logistical support and workshops that provides practical leadership skills to student organizers. The CAPSR council, on the other hand, provides financial support and advocates for the needs of student groups.

Student interest and support groups are diverse. The gifts that student organizers bring into community building are rooted in their passion and interest–or those that “kindle love” in them (to use St. Theresa of Avila’s words).

Support for Student Groups

To become an official PSR student group, you need to fill out a PSR Student Group Registration Form.

Support: Contact CAPSR

Secondary support: The Director of Community Life and Spiritual Care is also available to provide support—please e-mail Rev. Ann, 510/849-8257.