Program Manuals for all degrees and certificates are included in the Academic Catalog.

Student policies govern campus and academic life at Pacific School of Religion. These policies are also included in the 2018–2019 PSR Academic Catalog are designed by the Dean’s Office and Office of Community Life to set a common standard of expectations that can be shared among faculty, students, and administrators, and to serve as a resource as students move through the school. Please familiarize yourselves with these policies, and if you have any questions or would like any clarification, please contact the Dean’s office (510/849-8233, Holbrook 135).

To indicate they have read the the Student Policies and the Program Manual for their respective program(s), all incoming students taking courses for credit must sign and submit the Statement of Understanding to the Office of Academic Affairs ( by the end of the first week of the current semester, or they will not be permitted to continue to take courses at PSR.