Obtain codes by emailing deansoffice@psr.edu

Access to the Mudd Building, the Computer Lab, Mudd 104, TV Lounge, D’Autremont & the PSR Chapel is provided as a PSR student benefit. All rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis:
• Mudd 104 is available when no class is in session there
• Computer Room is available 24/7
• TV Lounge is available 24/7
• Dining Hall is available Monday through Friday until 9:30 p.m.
• Chapel is available 24/7 when it is not reserved

In order to ensure that PSR students enjoy that intended benefit, it is necessary for all users to participate in observing a few security and facility care guidelines:

  • All facility users must acquire the necessary codes by emailing the Dean’s Office Assistant at deansoffice@psr.edu (name or student I.D. must be included in the request)
  • All users must read the “Accountability Covenant” indicating agreements to NOT SHARE the codes with others.
  • Access to codes should NOT BE SHARED WITH ANYONE ELSE (this is redundant, but absolutely bears repeating).
  • Users are also asked not to admit person who have “left their codes at home” and/or cannot present adequate identification to show they are authorized users of the facilities.
  • Users are asked to ensure that the facility door has closed completely upon leaving the building.
  • PSR Chapel: The code numbers to the chapel door near the outside bathroom maybe used when the doors are looked before 8 am and after 5 pm, Monday to Friday. If the chapel has been officially reserved, it is not available.
  • Computer Lab Basic Guidelines are below. Since we don’t have a paid staff to guard the space, please help enforce the rules below by reminding those who are using the computer lab about the rules.

Only PSR students are allowed in the Computer Lab. This includes PhD & MA students who are officially affiliated with PSR.

Not Allowed
• No loud (or distracting) music or conversations.
• No cell phone conversations.
• No food or drinks.
***Remember, this is an academic work space. Everyone must treat the computer lab just like a library. Please be respectful towards those who are working.

On Security
• Never prop the door for any reason.
• Never open the door to those without a code (that is, do not open when they knock).

On Use of Computers
• Do not plug personal laptops into wired network in the computer lab.
• Use your own USB flash to save personal files.
• Do not save personal files to PSR computers.
• Username & Passwords for computers are posted at each computer

• E-mail: support@endsight.net

Vacuuming on Friday Evenings
• On Friday evenings the lab will be vacuumed from 8:00 to 8:30 pm.
• You must leave the lab during the time of the vacuuming.

By reading these policies as part of my program manual and by signing the “Statement of Understanding”, you agree that:

• You will abide by all printed rules included in the Security and Facility Care guidelines.
• If the numbers leak out to non-PSR students, PSR will change the code numbers (which costs time and money).

Codes are given to all new students at Orientation. If you miss Orientation, contact deansoffice@psr.edu for the codes.
Codes are emailed to current students or other authorized persons upon email request at deansoffice@psr.edu.