Application materials regarding changes in program from the certificate to a degree program, a change in degree program, or an additional degree program are available from the Recruitment and Admissions Office. Students should be aware that these changes require admission procedures and adhere to application deadlines for admission into the desired program. Students changing to or adding the Common M.A. program apply through the GTU Admissions Office.

The most common change in degree program is the addition of an M.A. to the M.Div. degree. The combined M.Div./M.A. program requires 105 credits of work normally completed in four years of full-time study. Since the degrees, taken separately, require five years and 129 credits, this represents one year of work (24 credits) credited to both degrees. If you wish to apply to the joint program, you should apply for admission to the M.A. program no later than the beginning of your fourth semester in the M.Div. program. Students who add the MA after the start of their fifth semester will incur additional fees above normal MA tuition rates.

Another common change is the addition of the CSR to any master’s or doctoral program. We encourage anyone who is planning to add this or other certiifcates to their program to add them as soon as possible as officially adding these programs will give evidence of interest in these programs. Please consult Admissions to add this program and other certificates.

MDiv students wishing to change to the MTS need to make an appointment with the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs.

MA students wishing to change to any other program at PSR need to follow the procedures in the MA handbook for withdrawing from the MA.

In order to change/add a degree program, you must receive two letters of recommendation from PSR/GTU instructors. In order to change/add a certificate, you need one recommendation. Complete the reference form here with each of your references.

View detailed instructions here

Application to Add or Change a Program