Email Account Activation /Termination email accounts are created for all PSR students in a graduate degree or certificate program (auditors, Special Students, and continuing education students do not receive email accounts). This account is mandatory and the only email address PSR will use for communication with students. All email accounts are issued as <first initial last name>, unless the username is already in use by another student. In that case a number will be appended to the username (example: <first initial last name>

Your email account will continue to stay active as long as you use it, even after leaving PSR. You must log into your account at least once per year to keep the account valid. If after one year you do not log into your account the account will be deleted from the database and all email and related information stored in the account will be lost forever. A warning message will be sent to the email address 30 days prior to the account being deleted, to alert the user of our intent.

Email Forwarding
Some users choose to forward all emails from their account to another address. This is a good option for those that do not want to have to check the account regularly, though it is still the responsibility of the user to log into their account at least once per year to keep it active. It is also recommended that students whitelist their address on their accounts to prevent important email from being marked as spam. How this is configured varies for every email service, and is beyond the scope of this document. In general you want to permanently mark as valid and not spam any email sent from your email address.

Questions concerning this policy or the PSR provided student email accounts should be directed to

For directions on how to log in to your PSR email account, click here:
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GTU Common MA students: In addition to updating this information in your student account, please call the GTU Student Affairs Office at 510/649-2400 to make sure they receive your contact information updates. All students, even those on leave, under supervision, on internship, or otherwise away from campus but still active students are responsible for checking their email for PSR to ensure they meet academic deadlines.

Check “My Profile” in WebAdvisor to ensure the school has your most current information including address and denomination on file. If you just have a quick update, you may send your update to either the Registrar. If you have a name change, you will need to file a copy of the official document indicating your name change with the Registrar. If you have a nickname you preffered to be called by but isn’t your legal name, please make sure you indicate what that is at the Admissions stage with a Student Information form. If your preference changes during your program here, you may email