For all programs except the Master of Arts program, full-time status is achieved at 9.0 units or more per semester, and 4.5 units per semester is considered half time. For MA students, full-time is at 12.0 units or more, and 6.0 units is considered half time. For agencies that require status reporting during other terms besides Fall and spring the definitions are as follows. During the Intersession term, 3.0 credits is considered full-time, and during the Summer term, 6.0 credits is considered full-time. PSR can verify load status for only courses registered through PSR. Transferred courses or courses taken concurrently outside of the consortium to not contribute to load status as reported by PSR.

Often eligibility for certain programs such as housing, financial aid, loan deferment, some veteran’s benefit programs, and immigration status, so check with the policies of these department to ensure your load is appropriate for the eligibilities you are seeking.

Note that these standards do not necessarily define how many units need to completed each year in order to finish in the program’s prescribed time. In many cases, it may be necessary to take more than 18.0 units per year to complete your program on time. To find how the recommended load per year for your program, consult Part I of your program manual or consult the Common Academic Policies Chart.

International students must be at full time status at all times for reasons related to visa status. The only exceptions in which this is not necessary is in the case that an MDiv student is enrolled in Field Education Internship (FE 1011-1014 series) or a DMin student is under supervision (DM 6005) or thesis status (DM 6011). If international MA students are below 12.0 units, they must register for MA 5000 or MABL 5005 for the remaining units to reach full time load.

Generally semester loads above 15.0 credits are discouraged. If you are planning to take more than 15.0 credits in one semester, you may be required to have a consultation with the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and/or your advisor.