Grades are pedagogical tools to help students understand two things: (1) where they stand on any one assignment in relation to others in the class (since grading is mainly a comparative matter); and (2) whether they have fully mastered a particular assignment or need to do further work on it before moving on to the other issues. Thus, assigned grades should communicate the following. The grade point average (GPA) associated with each letter grade (LG) is also listed below.

Letter Grades

GPA   LG     Explanation

4.0      A+     Publishable material; superb work, far beyond the level of excellence generally found in student work.

4.0      A       Excellent work; work that shows a level of mastery consistently beyond the expected scope of the assignment;

3.7      A-      Excellent work; work that shows a general level of mastery usually beyond the expected scope of the assignment but also indicates a few instances of only adequate levels of mastery;

3.3      B+     Very good work; work that indicates a consistently full and adequate mastery of the assignment at the expected level;

3.0      B       Good work; work that indicates a basically adequate level of understanding of the assignment but where improvements are clearlypossible;

2.7      B-      Passable work; work that shows a beginning grasp of the assignment but that needs improvement and additional study to reach a level of adequate mastery;

2.3      C+     Weak work; work that indicates significant lacunae in understanding, execution, or critical engagement; much additional study is needed to adequately fulfill the assignment;

2.0      C       Poor work; work that shows a lack of overall understanding of the assignment;

1.7      C- through D-       Levels of extremely poor work; work that indicates varying degrees
 –                                       of severe weakness in understanding, execution, and critical
0.7                                  engagement; student needs to begin studying all over again;

0.0      F        Failure — Consistent inability to understand, execute and critically engage the material; student receives no credit for assignment or class.

Other Grades

The following are some other grades that PSR uses and their explanations. No credits are given for courses that receive an AUD, IF, F, NC, NR, and W. All grades except for IF (which is counted in GPA calculation as an “F”) do not affect GPA. Countinuing Education Units (CEU’s) do not carry academic credit.

AUD = audit.
I = incomplete (PSR does not have permanent “I”s)
IF = incomplete failure due to either students not submitting final work to instructor or no
replacement grade given by instructor
IP = in progress (IP units may not be used toward graduation requirements)
NC = no credit (usually given in non-audited courses offered for 0.0 units)
NR = not recorded (students should contact instructors to resolve)
P = pass
S = satisfactory, given for CEU courses in which CEU requirements were fulfilled
NS = non-satisfactory, given for CEU courses, in which CEU requirements were not completed
W = withdrawal

Some courses are offered only on a pass/fail on basis. You may request permission to take a pass/fail course for letter grade, but this option is always subject to the consent of the instructor. When a course is taken for pass/fail, pass is the equivalent of C or better. Fail indicates the level of C- or below. No credits are given for courses that fail. If a student anticipates additional graduate work, it is not advisable to take academic courses pass/fail, particularly in the anticipated field of study. For infomation on what restrictions there may be to take pass/fail courses in your particular program, consult your program manual.

Policy on Unsubmitted Grades

PSR shall take appropriate and reasonable measures to communicate with instructors to ensure that course grade are submitted within a reasonable amount of time in accordance with published deadlines. In the case that an instructor is incapacitated, unresponsive, or otherwise unable to submit grades two (2) months beyond the stipulated deadline, the PSR Dean shall assign another faculty person to evaluate final work and assign grades to registered students.

Other Information on Grades

Required foundational or basic courses must be taken for a letter grade, unless specified as “P/F only” in the course description.  Grades are always accessible to students via Web Advisor. Also after each Fall and Spring students will receive an unofficial hard copy of their grades up to the most current semester. Generally GTU Common MA and MDiv/MA students will not have GPA’s appear on their official transcripts.

A course may be repeated once to improve a poor or failing grade (no letter grade other than D or F). When a course is repeated, the previous grade is replaced with a “W” and remain on the transcript for 0.0 credits, and the new grade and units are used to calculate GPA and show up on the transcript for the semester in which the course was repeated.

For information on required GPA’s, consult the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy: For more information on disputing grades, consult the Academic Disputes Policy. For any other questions regarding grades, contact the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar.