Any CONTINUING STUDENT who does not intend to register for degree work or approved field education during any regular semester (fall or spring) must apply for a leave of absence. Such requests, in writing, must be received by the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar before the conclusion of the registration period of the semester for which the leave is requested. Request for a Leave of Absence forms are available in the hall outside Holbrook 135. Failure to either register or request a leave of absence each semester may result in termination which means that a student who wishes to return to school will be required to apply for re-admission. Requests for leave received after General Registration will incur the Late Registration fee.

Leaves of absence will not be granted for more than two consecutive semesters at a time. Exceptions are considered by petition to the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs and Registrar. Leave of absence entails a break in all academic work and eligibilities: library privileges; financial aid eligibility; loan deferment qualification; housing; school health insurance eligibility; class work; examinations; thesis work; and interaction with the faculty. However, you will still be required to stay on  and check your mandatory PSR student e-mail account in order to receive important announcements about deadlines that will help keep your student status active even as you are away. You are advised to consult with the Financial Aid Office, about whether a leave of absence is the best financial decision. If you have educational loans, a leave of absence may jeopardize your deferment of payment. All semesters of leave are included in your time lapsed period.

GTU Common MA students have a slightly different Leave of Absence policy. They must submit a GTU Leave of Absence form by the close of registration for each semester they will be on leave. There is a fee per semester for MA leaves.

To return from a leave, please notify Assistant Dean for Academic Programs & Registrar, and if you are an MA student, also notify the MA coordinator at the GTU. After you’ve notified us that you plan to return from leave, just make sure you register online through Sonis during open registration periods. Check the academic calendars online for those dates.

Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4)

Students who withdraw from all coursework (including going on a Leave of Absence) and who do not complete more than 60% of their term of enrollment must have a portion of “unearned” federal funds returned to their source. For more information on PSR’s R2T4, please view the policy here.

If you are an entering NEW STUDENT and have been accepted to PSR but cannot attend the semester you had planned to start, please let PSR Admissions know by contacting before the close of registration that you wish to defer and for how long (one term usually), and we will keep your admitted status active for up to one year. Semesters of deferment are not included in your time lapsed period.

If PSR does not hear from you by the close of registration and you do not attend, your active admitted status will be terminated, and you will be required to complete another application — including new letters of reference, personal statement, and other admissions forms — should you wish to attend any time after one year of deferment, with no guarantee of admittance the second time around. If you still cannot attend after one year, your active student status will be terminated.