2014 Changemakers in Colombia

The power of prayer, Jakada Imani

Posted by Jakada Imani

One of the most powerful constants for me was to be able to pray with and for the peoples and communities I met with during our trip.

In general, I am unaccustomed to praying for folks that I am not in deep community with. For one thing it feels presumptions to offer prayer to folks who my country finances and benefits from the murder and forced displacement of. I should do a hella a lot more then just pray to atone for sins committed in my name. I was moved time and again how warmly our offers to pray for and with them were received. And by how after that prayer, the sharing that had taken place in that circle was anchored even more firmly in the love of God.

In El Tamarindo I got to see the most powerful prayer circle. As we finished one of the most amazing meals I had while in Colombia, I walked up to find a few of the women ChangeMakers, deep in prayer with some of the woman from the community. These woman were calling on the power of prayer across language, across culture and across boarders to unite in the love, power and presence of the Divine.

I will forever be changed by the power of prayer that I discovered in the villages and cities of Colombia.