Worship and Spiritual Life

Worship and Spiritual Life

Welcome to Worship and Spiritual Life

Worship Life at PSR nourishes the spiritual and theological roots of students, faculty, staff and community members with embodied spiritual practices.  Through a variety of worship opportunities that reflects the many diversities of our community, we strive to be both creative and innovative laboratories that foster encounters with the Holy in new and renewed ways, and manifestations of the sometimes broken yet still Beloved Community.

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The different services and spiritual practice groups that make up Worship Life at PSR play a unique role in integrating the different disciplines and practices of theological education; they are where participants are invited and encouraged to synthesize their theological, ethical, spiritual, creative, artistic, and practical insights in an atmosphere that engages the broader community as witnesses, participants, and responders.  In worship, participants can both demonstrate their knowledge and develop the connections between and across fields and areas of inquiry.  As one of the few places where a large number of our community members regularly gathers, the weekly community worship service and other worship opportunities throughout the week at PSR also afford the community a forum for creatively and constructively responding to the present context with its joys and struggles.  Here participants bring their learning to bear on the very real and immediate concerns that surround us and practice ritual and theological responses to social issues that critically engage their own social location and the traditions that shape them.

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Dr. Sharon R. Fennema, Director of Worship Life
Holbrook 41
Email: sfennema@psr.edu
Phone:  510/849-8933


  • manny capulong says:

    what do you worship during worship day?what are your main beliefs as a religion or church?do you base your theological teachings from the bible? im from the philippines and would like to know more about your teachings during your worship services…thanks………

    i changed my email that’s probably why i did not get a reply from you….so im asking you again….

    • Todd Atkins-Whitley says:

      Thank you for your interest in PSR.

      PSR is a progressive, multidenominational seminary and center for social justice that prepares theologically and spiritually rooted leaders to work for the well-being of all. Although we are affiliated with several Protestant denominations, PSR is home to students and faculty from a variety faith backgrounds and traditions. PSR is affiliated with the Graduate Theological Union and its member seminaries and centers reflect a variety of faith backgrounds.

      As the Worship page explains, we honor the religious and spiritual diversity of our community. We provide a variety of opportunities during the week for the community to reflect, meditate, and worship; some offerings are student-led and vary from semester to semester.

      To experience the spirit and variety of our weekly community worship experience, visit our Facebook page where you can view many of our chapel services over the past few years. (We livestream chapel at 11:10 a.m. Pacific Time each Tuesday of the semester.)

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