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Youth Spirit Artworks seeks 2017/18 Field Ed students engaged in social ministry with our ten year old, spiritually-based youth jobs and jobs training organization.

The first Field Education student will work with participants in our program doing projects designed to meet their own ministry goals, gaining experience in areas of their individual passion and calling, and they will also be involved as an active staff member of our community. There is room for trying exciting new things as part of our arts-based program. We would like, among other activities, for the student to lead our Liberation Art group held on Sundays.

Additionally, Youth Spirit Artworks is offering a special Field Ed opportunity in 2017/18 for a seminary student to be engaged in supporting its youth-led effort creating Berkeley’s first Tiny House Village, and in what will also likely be the first Youth Tiny House Village in the United States. The Field Ed student will lead engagement of local congregations in building tiny houses which will be a part of the 20-house Tiny House Village. Youth Spirit’s Tiny House Village is expected to open in August 2018.

The mission of Youth Spirit Artworks is to use art jobs and jobs training as a vehicle for empowerment and transformation, giving young people the skills, experience and self-confidence they need to meet their goals and aspirations. Youth Spirit works with 150 homeless and other under-served East Bay young people, ages 16 to 25, each year. Youth engaged with YSA climb a Progression Ladder of increasing responsibility, leadership and financial remuneration.

YSA carries out its mission through four empowerment-focused program areas:

  1. Studio Art;
  2. Community Art;
  3. Art Sales and Entrepreneurship; and,
  4. Journalism and Writing.

After a semester studying and learning our fundamentals, youth choose one of seven vocational pathways in which to pursue skills and experience.

Youth Spirit is open eight months of the year (May to December) 12:30pm – 6:30pm Monday through Friday; and is open four months of the year (January to April) 8:30am to 6:30pm Monday through Sunday.

CONTACT: Sally Hindman, shindman@youthspiritartworks.org

STIPEND: $200/mo.